Collect More with Patient
Payment Reminders

Collect More with Patient
Payment Reminders

Collect Your Hard-Earned Revenue with Automated Outreach

Connection equals collection, and Intrado’s TeleVox Patient Payment Reminders provide an easy and automated way to connect with patients about their past due accounts. The majority of past due accounts just need a nudge to make a payment. Intrado’s TeleVox Patient Payment Reminders are a low-cost solution that allow you to easily communicate with high volumes of A/R accounts and give patients immediate ways to take action.

Patient payment reminders delivered by Intrado’s TeleVox solutions are built on best practices in message structure, content, tone and other variables that make the difference in driving patient payments.

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Make It Easy to Pay

Convenience is king in A/R outreach, and Intrado’s TeleVox solutions make it easy for patients to resolve their accounts. Whether you want to transfer patients directly to staff, provide a call-back number or direct them to your patient portal, we can build those directions into every outbound phone call, text message or email.

Collect with a Cost-Effective Solution

A recent survey found that 78% of organizations mail three or more statements to past due accounts. Combine that with all-inclusive costs as high as $10 per statement, and there’s too much money being spent on the chase. Intrado’s TeleVox Patient Payment Reminders drive higher account resolution rates and improve your revenue cycle for only pennies per notification. Why not let Intrado target the “low-hanging fruit” so your staff can focus on late-stage accounts that need their interaction and expertise?

Of Americans delay paying their medical bills.

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