Add Convenience with Secure
Lab Results Communications

Add Convenience with Secure
Lab Results Communications

Quick and Secure Communication of Lab Test Results

Delivering lab results quickly and clearly helps relieve patient anxiety and strengthens patient-provider relationships. With TeleVox Engage Lab Results, secure automated delivery of time-sensitive lab test results keeps patients informed and saves staff time. Engage’s HIPAA-compliant notifications improve the patient experience by eliminating back-and-forth phone calls in favor of a more convenient way for patients to access their information.

Why Choose Engage Lab Results Communications?

Secure Communications

As with all notifications delivered from Engage, Lab Results Messages are HIPAA compliant. Patients call a toll-free number and verify their identity before listening to their results.

Personalized Messages

Create your own Lab Results Messages or take advantage of Engage’s pre-written library of standard messages. The Record Messages feature gives you on-demand control to record and edit lab result messages.

Automated Outreach

Easily assign Lab Results Messages based on provider and patient parameters and set the timing for automated outreach.

Customizable Reporting

Finding the information and insights you need is simple, thanks to a multitude of customizable views and filters for lab results outreach.


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