Encourage Preventive Care with
Automated Wellness Reminders

Encourage Preventive Care with
Automated Wellness Reminders

Improve Care Quality for Better Outcomes

Are you using automated wellness reminders to encourage preventive care? Only half of all patients use preventive care services at the recommended rate, and lack of patient communication is part of the problem. Early detection, prompt treatment and continuous care can reduce the severity and risk of complications for many conditions.

Intrado’s TeleVox Wellness Reminders help you increase wellness and preventive care appointments using a combination of automated patient reminder phone calls, text messages and emails. These personalized communications encourage patients to be active participants in their care, reminding patients to schedule screenings, preventive exams and annual medical and dental check-ups. You can also use these communications to share important health tips and other essential wellness-related information.

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Patients Respond to Convenient Preventive Reminders

To be effective, your communication outreach needs to reach patients through their preferred communication channels, and those preferences differ for every patient. Intrado’s TeleVox Wellness and Preventive Appointment Reminders include automated phone calls, text messages and emails to meet patient preferences for care-related communication.

Cost-Effective Solution for Patient Outreach

Doctors and dentists have many opportunities throughout the year to communicate routine care information to patients; however, many practices lack the resources to take a proactive approach to patient outreach. Delivering wellness and preventive reminders through Intrado’s TeleVox solutions lets you connect with high volumes of patients without the high cost and staff hours needed for mailed and manual communications.

Of providers say promoting necessary preventive care services to patients is a high priority.

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