Patient-Centric Communications -
Connecting with Patients on Their Terms

Patient-Centric Communications -
Connecting with Patients on Their Terms

Increase Patient Engagement

About 85% of patients say they want more communication from their medical providers, and with technology-enabled communications, it’s easier and more cost effective than ever for providers to connect. Intrado’s TeleVox solutions deliver a variety of patient-centered communications in the channels patients prefer, creating meaningful patient-provider interactions across the care continuum. Using a combination of phone calls, text messages and emails ensures outreach success by meeting each patient’s communication preferences. Whether they’re confirming an appointment via an automated text reminder or pressing their phone keypad to handle a past due payment, Intrado’s TeleVox Patient Communications make it easy for patients to stay connected and engaged in their care.

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Patient Communications for More than Just Appointments

Intrado’s TeleVox Patient Communications can help when you need to connect with your patients. From keeping your calendar full to ensuring timely patient payments to motivating patients to take advantage of important screenings and tests, Intrado has you covered with automated patient communications.

Wellness and Preventive

When 51% of patients say that between-visit communication makes them feel more valued, it’s time to make that a priority in your medical, dental or orthodontic practice. Build relationships, improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes and generate revenue with routine care communications. Learn More>


Your patients are busy, so make scheduling follow-up appointments as convenient as possible. Intrado’s TeleVox Recall Reminders increase patient appointments, while minimizing the cost of recall outreach. Learn More>

Patient Payments

Most past due patient accounts can be brought out of the red with simple payment reminders. Deliver quick payment reminder communications that give patients immediate ways to take action to improve A/R results. Learn More>

Why Choose Intrado's Televox Patient Communications?

Multichannel Matters.

Everyone has a preferred method for receiving patient communication – use TeleVox to deliver the perfect mix of phone calls, text messages and emails to break through the noise and generate high patient response rates. Learn More>

“Easy” isn’t just for your patients.

A patient outreach solution should create efficiencies for your staff as well as your patients. TeleVox easily integrates with most EMR and practice management systems, facilitating the bi-directional flow of current information for impactful outreach and quantifiable results.

Security is our top priority.

As a world leader in technology-enabled communication services, Intrado is fully committed to the security of your patient outreach, with a concentrated focus on the message delivery, data transfer and data storage that are the backbone of every Intrado TeleVox solution. There’s no margin for error in handling sensitive patient data, and that’s why thousands of healthcare organizations trust Intrado as their outreach partner. Learn More>

Call-throttling helps you manage incoming responses.

Deliver a variety of messages to large patient populations within minutes. Intrado adjusts the rate of delivery as needed, allowing teams to successfully manage incoming responses.

Of patients are interested in receiving automated communications from their healthcare provider.

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