Provide a Personalized
Experience with Patient Chat

Provide a Personalized
Experience with Patient Chat

Convenient and Personal Real-Time Conversations with Patients

For situations that demand a personal, yet convenient conversation with patients on a one-on-one basis, TeleVox’s Patient Chat module is the perfect solution. You can initiate an on-demand conversation with a patient right from the platform. The patient receives the conversation as text messages on their mobile device. From a convenience standpoint, it’s a win-win. You can interact personally with patients to improve the overall patient experience, while communicating the information you need in a way that’s easy for everyone.

Each patient is different. Your patient engagement platform should help you communicate with them in a way that’s unique to them, yet easy for everyone. Use our Patient Chat module to connect directly with individual patients for a variety of personalized communication needs, including:

  • Confirming appointments
  • Communicating copay reminders
  • Following up on patient survey feedback
  • Providing post-treatment instructions
  • Reaching out with requests for payment
  • Intervening or checking in based on remote monitoring data

On average, 39% of Americans say their mobile phone is the technology they use most often.

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