Engage Patients in Real Time
with On-Demand Messaging

Engage Patients in Real Time
with On-Demand Messaging

Real-Time Control of Your Patient Communications

Sometimes, things happen, and when they do, on-demand messaging can be a real lifesaver. A provider takes a sick day, inclement weather causes delays or office closures, or you just need to contact a patient quickly about a change in appointment status. Intrado’s TeleVox On-Demand Messaging enables flexible and convenient patient outreach, with broadcast messaging for when you need to reach a large group of patients quickly. A convenient Cancel Schedule feature allows for last-minute schedule changes.

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Broadcast Messaging

There’s something to be said about having the power to send an important message to all or certain groups of patients at a moment’s notice. It’s that level of control that provides you with complete communication flexibility and saves a ton of time. Whether it’s an urgent or emergency situation, or simply a desire to instantly remind patients of something related to their appointment, Intrado’s TeleVox solutions make it easy to broadcast messages.

Select from our library of pre-scripted messages or create a custom message on the fly. Broadcast Messaging is ideal for communicating:

  • Provider delay or provider ready messages
  • Location changes
  • Convenience alerts, such as roadwork, building construction or traffic situations
  • Appointment prep reminders, such as bringing a new insurance card or other information

Cancel Schedule

When something like inclement weather or an unexpected emergency happens, it can throw a wrench in your daily appointment schedule. Our Cancel Schedule feature allows you to notify all affected patients instantly and automatically, or select a date or time in the future for your cancellation notifications to go out. The ability to select specific dates, times, providers and locations means you can reach the right patients with the right message.

  • Inclement weather
  • Unexpected emergencies
  • Office closures
  • Provider schedule conflict

Of Americans would like to receive automated notifications when doctors are running late for their scheduled appointment.

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