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Posted on April 21, 2014 by West Corporation 


Older Adults and Technology Use

Pew Research Center has released its latest report on older adults and technology use, and as predicted, America’s seniors continue to bring digital technologies more and more into their daily lives.

What’s most interesting in the report is how data has divided the 65 and older population into two distinct groups. One group seems to own and access digital technologies on a regular basis, and they have a positive view of the role of the Internet and increased connectivity. This groups tends to include younger, more highly educated and/or more affluent seniors. The second group skews older and less affluent, and overall this group is largely disconnected from the world of digital tools and services.

Free Infographic: Texting Patients

Click HERE to read the report’s main findings and dig into the details.

A key insight for providers looking to engage with older patients through digital technologies is to make sure there are options available to serve both of these groups. Perhaps more so than any other age bracket, Americans over 65 are very individualized in their willingness to connect with providers via text message, email, etc. Offering options is the safest approach to effective communication with older patient populations.

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Graphic: Pew Research Center

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