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Posted on October 1, 2015 by West Corporation 


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month [INFOGRAPHIC]

October is here, and you may have already noticed all of the pink-themed events, promotions and even football uniforms designed to raise awareness around breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness efforts have earned a huge amount of attention in our society during recent years – a wonderful trend that should make it easier for you to discuss the topic with your patients.

Here’s another resource that you may find helpful. In this infographic from Cancer Treatment Centers of America, many of the basics around breast cancer detection and risk reduction are covered. The “Know Your Risk” section covers some of the demographic, genetic and family history indicators that both women and men may be at risk. From there, we also see helpful information on what to do if a lump is found and proactive steps we can take to reduce our risk.

How are you reaching out to patients to encourage mammograms and other preventive measures? Click HERE to read how one organization delivered annual mammogram messages to their patients to drive a 20% scheduling rate.

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