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The Official Blog for Intrado’s TeleVox Solutions

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Posted on May 14, 2014 by West Corporation 


Ochsner Increases Screenings with TeleVox Messages

older men screening

Automated messaging continues to prove its value in provider-patient engagement strategies.

Ochsner Health System recently teamed with TeleVox to connect with 3,137 male patients aged 50-75 who were past due for a colonoscopy or upper endoscopy. The messages delivered to these patients included the option to transfer and speak with an Ochsner representative to schedule their appointment. As a result of the calling campaign, 578 of these targeted patients scheduled their screening – an 18% conversion rate.

What does this mean in terms of patient health? The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy notes that the average 60-year-old without special risk factors for polyps has a 25% of having a pre-cancerous or cancerous polyp. Given that rate, the Ochsner campaign allowed 145 men to benefit from early detection.

The campaign has made a significant revenue contribution as well. Based on a national average of $1,185 per procedure, the outreach efforts have generated an estimated $685,000 in revenue for Ochsner.

Where do similar opportunities exist among your patients – ideas for encouraging important exams and screenings while increasing appointment volume for the practice? Click HERE to learn more about effective wellness and preventive outreach strategies.

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