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Posted on February 20, 2017 by West Corporation 

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West Demonstrates How Modernizing the Patient Contact Center Drives Engagement, Improves Efficiency, and Reduces Cost

ORLANDO, FL, Feb 20, 2017 – Healthcare leaders know that increasing consumerization is creating a demand for more patient-centered communications. This week at HIMSS 2017, healthcare professionals from around the world will be able to get an up-close look at how they can create more patient-centered experiences and meet patient expectations by modernizing their patient access centers. West is showcasing its Access Center Modernization Solution at the HIMSS conference in Orlando, Florida.

Attending healthcare professionals can visit West at booth 3534 to see how West’s solution is helping organizations drive better patient experience through patient engagement.

Healthcare lags behind other industries when it comes to patient engagement. Patients are accustomed to the companies they regularly interact with – from banks to airlines – personalizing and streamlining communications in order to create positive customer experiences. Yet patients rarely see this from their healthcare providers. Now that healthcare has entered a new era of rapid consumerization, providers are becoming more interested in learning how to improve patient experiences by upgrading and automating contact center services.

At HIMSS, West is showing how its Access Center Modernization Solution helps healthcare organizations improve engagement by:

  • Creating one “front door” through which all patients are routed. This act of setting up a single entry point allows organizations to create consistent patient experiences and reduce the amount of time and effort it takes from both patients and providers to resolve issues.
  • Providing better contact center self-service options. Modernizing a contact center makes it easier for patients to navigate and arrive at solutions on their own. Improving self-service options allows patients to reach the resolution they need quickly.

Making interactions smarter and more patient-centered. With help from West, organizations can deliver intelligent, personalized patient experiences based on interactions that are tracked and captured over time. For years, studies have suggested that contact centers impact the financial health of organizations. Access centers can drive revenue, profitability and patient loyalty. Many organizations today are not in a position to realize financial benefits from their contact center because the experience they are giving patients includes misrouted calls, long wait times, redundancy and frustration. Therefore, it is important for organizations to learn how they can make improvements.

West offers Patient Access Center Assessments to help organizations that want to get started with the contact center modernization process determine where to begin.

Organizations can connect with West at HIMSS to learn more about West’s Access Center Modernization Solution. They can also find additional information by visiting

The following resource also provides more information about contact center modernization and West’s services:

Download: Access Center Modernization Solution Brief

About West

West’s Engagement Center Solutions help healthcare organizations effectively activate and engage patients and members, beyond the clinical setting, as they traverse the healthcare system. By providing innovative technology and creating strategic communications at key points across the care continuum, West’s Engagement Center enables healthcare providers to reduce costs, maximize revenue, improve quality and optimize the patient experience.

West Corporation is a global provider of communication and network infrastructure services. West helps its clients more effectively communicate, collaborate and connect with their audiences through a diverse portfolio of solutions that include unified communications services, safety services, interactive services such as automated notifications, telecom services and specialized agent services. For 30 years, West has provided reliable, high-quality voice and data services. West has sales and operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

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