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Posted on February 26, 2014 by West Corporation 


New Whitepaper on Increasing Patient Payments

whitepaper past due payments

In every healthcare organization, there’s a segment of past due patients who have the means to pay their outstanding balance. They just haven’t been motivated to take action.

How can you do a better job of collecting from those patients?

Click HERE to download the new whitepaper – “Motivating Your Slow Payers”.

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We often refer to them as “lazy payers”, but in reality, they’re often anything but lazy. Hectic daily schedules filled with family responsibilities, work duties and other activities limit the impact you can make with mailed statements. Many times they end up in a stack of envelopes on the kitchen counter along with other bills and junk mail.

This whitepaper recommends strategies for breaking through the mailed clutter and overcoming the time challenges of having staff members call each and every past due account. You’ll learn about the power of convenience in reducing A/R, why you should make it a numbers game and how shortening the gap between point-of-service and your next communication drives increased payments.

Click HERE to download your copy of “Motivating Your Slow Payers”. Learn more about effective patient balance solutions HERE.

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