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Posted on April 19, 2013 by West Corporation 


New Healthy World Report on Uninsured Americans

If you have followed our Healthy World research to date (all reports can be downloaded HERE), you have noticed that each report sheds light on a new aspect of the treatment compliance and preventive care challenges facing today’s patients and their healthcare providers.

Our newest report again centers on the issue of preventive care – this time examining it in terms of the effect that health insurance (or lack thereof) has on whether or not patients take advantage of preventive and wellness care. We also look at this issue from the perspective of groups such as the unemployed, parents and Generation Y.

Click to download A Prevention Problem: Uninsured Americans Forgo Steps to Ensure Healthy Future.

Here are some interesting findings you’ll come across in the report:

  • Those with health insurance exercise more routinely and are more likely to have improved their eating habits over the past two years than those without insurance.
  • Forty percent of those who are not working said that cost is the main reason they don’t seek preventive care, and only 26 percent of the unemployed give themselves an A grade for their efforts to ensure preventive care for themselves.
  • Eighteen percent of parents said they still aren’t sure what preventive care includes, and 34 percent are currently visiting a healthcare professional to treat an existing condition or disease.
  • Only 19 percent of young adults in the U.S. consider themselves extremely healthy, and 29 percent are visiting a healthcare professional to treat an existing condition.

As the report summarizes, it’s become increasingly important for healthcare providers to engage their patients through education to help them understand the importance of both preventive care and healthy lifestyle choices. At TeleVox, we’re doing everything we can to help enable these one-on-one connections.

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