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Posted on July 12, 2013 by West Corporation 


More Stats on Mobile Phone Usage for Local Search

woman searching with mobile device

Our recent post on why mobile websites are a must-have shared 11 compelling statistics that should have you taking action right now on making sure your site is mobile-friendly. (You ARE taking action, aren’t you??)

Here are three more figures to help you build the case for your practice’s future mobile website, thanks to the folks at Mediative. These stats are tied specifically to healthcare searches, so you can see that consumers are not only using mobile phones for search in general, but they’re using them to find information that’s right up your alley.

  • Nearly 30% of consumers conducted searches that fall in the category of “Health & Medicine” within the last year. That’s strong enough search volume to rank it fifth among all categories, trailing only Shopping, Food & Beverage, Travel & Lodging and Arts & Entertainment.
  • Of those who have conducted Health & Medicine searches, over 40% do it at least once a week. Breaking that number down further, 12% claim to search in the “Health & Medicine” category “almost every day”, while 5% conduct those searches “more than once a day”.
  • Respondents were asked if they normally search using a general description, a specific business name or both. For example, a general description could be “Phoenix AZ orthodontics”, while “Fitzgerald Orthodontics” would be specific. Over 51% of consumers searching in “Health & Medicine” said they use both, and another 20% spend more time on general searches vs. specific ones. So when a searcher finds your site through a general search, that first impression is crucial, since they likely don’t already know you. Having a mobile site shows your willingness to provide information in a format that’s convenient for your future patient.

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