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The Official Blog for TeleVox Solutions

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Posted on November 4, 2015 by West Corporation 


Milestone Alert: Engaging Eight Million Patients in a Single Week

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Last week marked another milestone for TeleVox and our clients’ commitment to improving patient health through effective communication.

For the first time in TeleVox history, we delivered eight million healthcare notifications in a single week. Eight million! Those communications covered a wide spectrum of outreach opportunities through the patient care continuum, including:

  • Appointment-Related Notifications – Confirmations, pre-registrations, insurance verifications and all of the other communication necessary to make sure patients attend their scheduled visits and have the best experience possible.
  • Post-Visit Follow-Up – We surveyed patients to get feedback on their recent appointments, we connected patients to billing offices to get outstanding balances resolved, and we gave patients important instructions after being discharged from the hospital. Successful provider-patient relationships continue after the point of service!
  • Ongoing Wellness and Preventive Care – In October alone, providers reached out to their patients to encourage flu vaccinations and used National Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a reason to remind female patients about the importance of a mammogram.

The list of outreach opportunities to patients truly goes on and on. What types of notifications did we deliver or SHOULD we deliver for your organization?

Hats off to our clients and the TeleVox team for their leadership role in making sure patients have the education, information and encouragement they need. Thank you for making a difference!

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