Patient Engagement
Solutions for Medical Practices

Patient Engagement
Solutions for Medical Practices

Solutions for Medical Practice Growth

Medical practices say patients don’t properly follow treatment plans. Patients say they need more communication to get it right. So why is there such a disconnect? Effective communication strategies are almost impossible to pull off with limited staff and budget working toward that goal.

Intrado’s TeleVox solutions help medical practices bridge that communication gap, delivering automated patient communications to keep patients on track with treatment, executing surveys to gather essential patient feedback and providing marketing solutions to introduce new care opportunities.

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Keeping the Appointment Schedule Full

Of course, appointment reminders are essential, but there’s more to it than that. It’s marketing – making sure patients choose your practice over other options when they’re searching online. Then it’s building loyalty – delivering an exceptional patient experience to ensure first-time visits turn into loyal patients.

Gathering Essential Patient Feedback

Whether it’s measuring patient satisfaction or tracking medication adherence, you can’t know what your patients don’t tell you. How do you efficiently survey patients to identify opportunities for practice improvement or additional care?

Managing Multiple Technology Vendors in a Changing Healthcare Environment

Once you reach out for help, managing those vendors is a job in itself, and finding a communication partner to help meet all of those challenges in an ever-changing healthcare environment is tough. Intrado’s focus on data security, HIPAA compliance and integration is unmatched in the industry.

Doing It All With a Reasonable Price Tag

A challenge that needs little explanation. Budgets are reality. Investments in patient communication technology have to save staff time, reduce other outreach costs, and most importantly, drive results.

Intrado’s TeleVox Solutions for Your Medical Practice

Engage Patients with Next-Generation Communications

Every patient has communication preferences, so why not offer all of them? Our fully integrated patient engagement solutions deliver the functionality that matters most to your practice and your patients. Get multichannel appointment reminders, patient communications, patient surveys, interactive reporting and more. Learn More >

Marketing Solutions

An effective marketing strategy attracts new patients while building loyalty among your current patients. Intrado’s TeleVox Marketing Solutions include tools such as modern medical website design and on-hold messaging to help your practice connect with today’s tech-savvy patients and stay at the forefront of a highly-competitive healthcare marketplace. Learn More >

TeleVox Solutions