Medical Practices

Medical Practices

Providers say their patients don’t properly follow treatment plans. Patients say they need more communication to get it right. So why is there such a disconnect? Effective communication strategies are almost impossible to pull off with limited staff and budget working toward that goal.

West helps medical practices bridge that communication gap, delivering reminder communications to keep patients on track with treatment, executing surveys to gather essential patient feedback and providing marketing solutions to introduce new care opportunities.

Meeting the Needs of the Modern Practice

Patient communication challenges have a way of keeping you up at night. And in today’s growing medical practice, there’s a growing list of challenges to solve.

  • Keeping the Appointment Schedule Full – Of course, appointment reminders are important here, but there’s more to it than that. It’s marketing – making sure patients choose the practice over other options when they’re searching online. It’s then building loyalty – delivering an exceptional patient experience to ensure first-time visits turn into long-term patients.
  • Gathering Essential Patient Feedback – Whether it’s measuring satisfaction or tracking medication adherence, you can’t know what your patients don’t tell you. How do you efficiently survey patients to identify opportunities for practice improvement or additional care?
  • Managing Multiple Technology Vendors in a Changing Healthcare Environment – Once you reach out for help, managing those vendors is a job in itself. Finding a communication partner to help meet all of those challenges in an ever-changing healthcare environment? West’s focus on data security and integration is unmatched in the industry.
  • Doing It All With a Reasonable Price Tag – A challenge that needs little explanation. Budgets are reality. Investments in communication technology have to save time for staff, reduce other outreach costs, and most importantly, drive results.

Thankfully, you’re in the right place.

Where Will You Begin?


Reminder Communications

Automated text messages, phone calls and emails that inspire patients to take action. Use TeleVox Reminder Communications for appointment reminders, A/R outreach, recalls and more.


Patient Surveys

Improve patient experience and maintain continuity of care with TeleVox Patient Surveys – an effective tool to collect patient feedback with the data you need to take action.

Face-to-Face Selling

Marketing Solutions

How do you distinguish your practice from the one across town? How do you expose patients to new care opportunities? Marketing’s not the entire solution, but it certainly helps.

New Call-to-action

TeleVox Solutions