On-Hold Messaging

On-Hold Messaging

Effective communication isn’t just about push-push-push. It’s also providing information when patients come to you on an inbound basis. Incoming phone calls to your practice are a perfect example. When callers are placed on hold, that’s an ideal time to share information on new treatment options, introduce pricing specials or even highlight the expertise of your providers and staff to remind them why they called you in the first place.

What are your callers hearing when they’re placed on hold? West’s easily integrated on-hold messaging system allows you to give callers who are placed on hold a more positive experience with an effective mix of music and information. It’s an essential marketing solution for patient retention. CLICK HERE to learn more!

Sample On-Hold Messaging Productions


Easy Integration

Our USB-based system has no moving parts and is compatible with virtually any commercial phone system you have in place, so there is no new equipment to purchase. Install and begin using on-hold messages within minutes.

Fast Updates

Archive your on-hold messages within a secure online portal and eliminate the need to store CDs or other physical media for reference in future messages. You can store and easily retrieve additional messages online for fast updates.

Generate Additional Revenue

Take advantage of the opportunity to have your callers’ undivided attention while they are on hold. You can promote new treatments, seasonal specials or additional services you offer. Callers can then schedule an appointment to create a new revenue stream for your practice.

Drive Loyalty

In a recent study, 52% of participants placed into on-hold silence terminated the call. Turn that unpleasant on-hold silence into an opportunity to entertain and educate callers by providing health tips, sharing doctor/staff bios, and answering frequently asked questions. Patients can use on-hold time to learn more about their health while your practice creates long-lasting relationships.

How it Works

Up and running and working for your practice. TeleVox On-Hold Messaging will be educating and entertaining your callers ASAP.

  • Script Assembly– With up to 16 minutes of continuous playtime and a library of script libraries or custom scripts to choose from, your patients will always hear fresh content during long hold times or multiple calls to the practice.
  • Delivery– After initial equipment delivery, you will avoid shipping times associated with updates and changes to other systems with recordings uploaded and accessible online.
  • Installation– A simple, three-step install with online training and free technical support will have your on-hold messaging system installed and in-use within minutes.

Success Stories

Central Arkansas Pediatric Clinic – Benton, AR

  • 26% increase in monthly collections after including payment option information to their on-hold messaging and switching to automated A/R outreach.
  • “We’ve had instances where parents ask ‘Who does your messaging? It’s so good!’ Our parents are learning about anything from sunscreen to bathtub safety, and the length of our on-hold program means they’ll hear fresh information every time they call.”
  • “We’ve been very impressed with the quality of TeleVox’s on-hold messaging and the impact it’s made on our callers!”

Zimm Cataract & Laser Center – Erie, PA

  • “Choosing a provider is a big decision, and TeleVox’s on-hold solution is a great way to share the doctor’s background, experience and education to build patient confidence.”
  • “We have three lines that ring in, and many times they’re all lit up. With TeleVox’s on-hold messaging, we don’t feel nervous about placing those callers on hold.”

Avon Orthodontics – Avon, IN

  • “It’s nice to not have to worry about our on-hold message. TeleVox has us equipped for pretty much any occasion.”
70% of inbound phone calls are placed on hold.
When placed on hold for one-minute, callers hearing silence are 13 times more likely to hang up.


Research shows the average caller spends 43 seconds on hold.

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