Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions for Higher Practice Profits

An effective marketing strategy attracts new patients to your dental or medical practice while building loyalty among your current patients. It gets patients in for their first visit and keeps them coming back for their 50th visit. Are you wasting marketing dollars on promotional channels with little return? TeleVox Marketing Solutions from West include tools to connect with today’s tech-savvy consumers and stay at the forefront of a highly-competitive healthcare marketplace.

We work with thousands of dentists, orthodontists and doctors who use TeleVox Marketing Solutions to connect with their patients in a cost-effective and efficient way that appeals to patients of all ages. With medical and dental on-hold message systems, website design services, and access to expert online marketing resources, West has the marketing solution that will grow your practice profits.

How can TeleVox Marketing Solutions grow your business?

Website Design

West has everything you need to grow your practice through the web. Websites are much more sophisticated in today’s competitive online environment. TeleVox dental and doctor website designs include mobile-friendly layouts, online reviews, and more to maximize your potential online. Plus, all pages are optimized for SEO to ensure top rankings in search engine results.

On-Hold Messaging

Market to a captive audience while keeping your callers entertained. The TeleVox software provides a message on hold system that can provide timely information to your patients, positioning you as an expert in the dental or medical field. It’s a win-win that leads to increased appointment volume and a better experience for patients.

Online Marketing Solutions For West Clients

TeleVox offers comprehensive solutions for all of its dentist, orthodontists and doctors through a partnership with Wpromote, one of the leading online marketing companies in the country. Wpromote can work with practice owners and CEOs to coordinate all of your marketing strategies and optimize the reach and success of your marketing campaigns.

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Count on West for Your Total Solution

Whether you need website design, an effective on hold messaging system, automated appointment reminders or a complete marketing partner, West has your solution. Contact our knowledgeable professionals at 800.644.4266 today to find out more about how TeleVox Solutions can improve your medical or dental practice today!

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