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Posted on October 26, 2015 by West Corporation 


Mammograms: New Recommendations, Same Outreach Challenges

mammogram outreach

The American Cancer Society recently changed its recommendation for annual mammograms for women, moving the starting age back to 45 from 40. They also recommend that women 55 and older only get a screening every other year, rather than the annual exam.

But despite the recommended scaling back of mammograms among these age groups, the challenge still remains among healthcare organizations of finding an effective way to promote these exams to women who need them. Organizations of all sizes are struggling to find a way to deliver outreach to patients to stress the importance of this preventive measure, given the high demands on an already overtasked staff.

Free Infographic: Texting Patients

The TeleVox Healthy World report A Fragile Nation in Poor Health found that 42% of people feel they could better follow prescribed plans if they received between-visit encouragement from their doctors, and that encouragement certainly includes mammogram outreach.

Click HERE to learn how Scottsdale Medical Imaging solved the operational challenges of preventive outreach and achieved a 20% conversion rate from patients in need of a routine mammogram.

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