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Posted on September 13, 2013 by West Corporation 


Leveraging National Awareness Campaigns in Your Patient Engagement

national health observances calendar

As September rolls on, we’re working with many practices who are timing patient engagement efforts to coincide with larger national Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaigns in October. Are you planning communications to your patients this fall to encourage preventive exams or simply share health tips?

If so, here are three recommendations to help you leverage the awareness created by the highly-visible national campaigns.

1. Mention URLs of the national websites.
Why? Well, they’re full of great information. While you may not have the bandwidth to add all of your knowledge on a subject to your own website, you can certainly take advantage of those groups who focus on that initiative 24/7. Drive patients to for breast cancer, for diabetes information and so on. And by sharing this with your patients, you’ll prove yourself to be a more valuable resource – one who’s equally as concerned with educating them as you are getting them back in for a next visit.

2. Be aware of the National Health Observances calendar.
Most initiatives don’t get the visibility of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, where even NFL players wear pink gloves and hats to increase awareness. So while many of us know that initiative is most visible in October, others aren’t quite so clear. If you want to drive immunization awareness or dental health month, you’ll know when these national campaigns are happening by accessing the National Health Observances calendar here.

3. Offer an immediate connection to your staff.
If you’ve timed your messages to build upon the larger national push, it’s likely that your patients have already considered the importance of a particular exam or check-up. Give them an easy way to take action. If you’re having an automated calling campaign contact your patients, make sure there’s an option for them to press their keypad and be scheduled. For texting campaigns, allow them to reply “YES” to let you know they want to be scheduled. Offering immediate response is key to driving additional appointments from your wellness communications.

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