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Posted on May 10, 2013 by West Corporation 


Lessons from Long Ago – Get to the Point in Patient Communication

You ever see an old commercial and notice how straightforward the sales pitch is? Advertisers didn’t have the technology to wow us with amazing graphics, distract us with website URLs or ask us to text a number to vote in some random contest. Instead, they filled 30 seconds with a very direct explanation of why you should purchase their product or visit their place of business.

I actually kind of miss it. And I think there’s a great lesson to be learned, relating the direct nature of older ads to the messages you deliver to your patients today.

Exhibit A: This Reach toothbrush ad from the 1980s.

They’re showing you the product, telling you the difference in the two toothbrushes, and most importantly, explaining WHY these are built the way they are.

That last point is key. If you’re contacting patients about scheduling preventive appointments, are you being sure to tell them WHY it’s something they should do? If you can’t give patients a reason to take action, it’s unfair to expect that they will.

Exhibit B: This Colgate ad from the 1950s.

Didn’t it seem strange to watch that ad? Do we ever get that much tangible information in today’s TV advertising? Detailed explanation of benefits may be passé in today’s advertising landscape, but it can still have a role in how you communicate with patients.

Be direct, be thorough, and be more impactful in your patient communications.

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