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Posted on June 26, 2014 by West Corporation 


Kids of the Past vs. Kids of the Internet Generation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Want a glimpse into the future of your practice? This insight into the communication, technology and social habits of the “Internet Generation” could be the key to effective patient engagement strategies down the road.

Review the HostGator infographic below to see just how different members of the Internet Generation are from their parents…as if we didn’t already know that. 🙂

Many of you are already serving these patients today, while other practices have some time to prepare for this shift in their patient population. Regardless, do you have the communication tools in place to connect with these younger patients in the ways they prefer? 41% of Millennials have abandoned their landlines at home. Are you ready to take advantage of their preference for mobile communication with text and/or email? They’re also far more likely to actively participate in social networks. Have you established a presence for your practice on Facebook and other key social networks?

As you can see, there are huge differences between the generations. Can you imagine what these figures will look like for the next generation?

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