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Posted on April 15, 2013 by West Corporation 


Increasing Touches to Past Due Accounts

High patient balances and increasing A/R have unfortunately proven to be a growing trend among practices of all specialties. Finding effective ways to resolve those accounts with limited staff and financial resources has been equally as challenging.

A recent survey of OB/GYN practices found that 39% of delinquency in this specialty is less than 30 days past due. That doesn’t seem like a bad statistic, but many of these practices are missing an opportunity to connect with these accounts before they progress further into the A/R cycle. Only 5% of practices are reaching out at this stage. Many are even unable to contact these accounts after the 90-day mark – only 43% attempt to contact patients at this point. Similar stats exist in the dermatology specialty, where only 4% of practices reach out before 30 days past due.

By connecting with these accounts earlier in delinquency, you can resolve these accounts before they age further.

But how do you find the time and money to conduct this early outreach? Watch the QuickTake below for some ideas on that:

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