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Posted on December 3, 2012 by West Corporation 


Idea for Communicating About Flex Benefits

With one month to go in 2012, now is a great time to make sure patients are getting the most out of their flex benefits. How are you reaching out to them about these “use or lose it” dollars?

Communication about flex benefits serves a dual purpose  –making sure your patients are taking advantage of what their insurance provides them and then also helping you get more appointments on the books.

Many TeleVox clients have reached out to us about delivering these types of notifications, and it’s a great idea!

In these messages, you don’t have to go into any great detail. In fact, it often actually works better to sort of tease what’s available to the patient to grab their interest and get them to a staff member to discuss it. And do it early in December where you’ve got time to get patients scheduled and in for their visit before year-end. Here’s an example of a message you might send:

Hello! This is a courtesy call from Dr. Smith and the team at Smith Smiles. Our records indicate that you may have some insurance benefits that will expire on December 31. Please call our office at 251-555-1234 to discuss completing any unfinished treatment.

Pretty simple, but also pretty effective.

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