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Posted on January 26, 2016 by West Corporation 


How to Blog for Your Practice: Creating a User Friendly Blog

The following is an excerpt from the TeleVox and Wpromote white paper “The Essential Elements of a Successful Blog”. Read past posts on Audience and Ideation and Posting Frequency or click HERE to download the full white paper now!

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Is your blog for the users or for search engines? The answer is both, and the good news is both want the same thing: new, relevant content.

The goal of search engines is to provide users with the most relevant content and a good user experience. In even simpler terms, Google loves their users and only wants to give them the best. This means making your blog as user friendly as possible and posting high-quality content will make your blog shine in the eyes of Google and the other search engines.

The Essential Elements of a Successful Blog Whitepaper

Here are some tips on how you can improve your blog’s overall user experience:

  • Make It Look Professional – How your website and your blog looks can tell a user a lot about your business. If your blog consists of just a long list of clickable blog titles, it may not be visually appealing. Add images for some visual stimuli that can get the user interested and make the organization of the articles look clean.
  • Entice Your Audience – Getting creative with the titles of your articles will make them more exciting. You can add some mystery into them in order to make your audience curious about the information in the article, but be careful not to mislead them. Misleading titles will make for a poor user experience since users may feel that they were tricked into opening the article.
  • Be Clear – When you’re writing a blog, remember that your audience is most likely not an expert in your industry. Using technical industry terminology that users may not understand could create a negative user experience. If you’re trying to educate your audience on a topic, use language they can understand.
  • Stay Organized – Blogs usually come with a feature that allows you to separate your posts into categories. Creating categories that cover the different types of topics that you post on your blog will make it easier for users to find the information they’re looking for. Try to avoid creating categories that overlap too much.
  • Utilize Tags – Tags allow you to quickly label your blog with relevant keywords that align with the basic topics of your blog. Updating your blogs with tags will make it easier for users to find specific articles and allow search engines to see what your blog is about with a few, relevant keywords.

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