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Posted on January 5, 2016 by West Corporation 


How to Blog for Your Practice: Audience and Ideation

The following is an excerpt from the TeleVox and Wpromote whitepaper “The Essential Elements of a Successful Blog”. We’ll share more excerpts in upcoming posts, but you can click HERE to download the full whitepaper now!

Blogs Begin with Your Audience

The purpose of the blog is to provide your audience with new, interesting and relevant content. But before you start coming up with great ideas, you need to be in touch with who your audience is. Think about what your target audience’s demographics are and keep those in mind when you start coming up with topics for your blog. Always ask yourself, “Is this something that my audience would want to read?”

The Essential Elements of a Successful Blog Whitepaper

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The Ideation Process

Once you’ve established your target demographics, you can start creating ideas for topics. Blogs are different than websites in that you are not limited to writing content about your business, brand, products or services. Use your blog to branch out into other areas. Explore themes that are more general but still related to your industry or add a personal touch with information on community events that your business participated in and local programs that you sponsor.

Create a web of ideas that branches out from your main industry in the center and explore topics that are outside of (but still relatively connected to) that general theme. You can then start creating topics for actual blog posts.

Something to keep in mind is to not focus on one specific theme. Repeating the same kind of content with nothing more than a different skin can quickly bore your audience. Instead, take all of your different themes and create content for each one to establish a good mix of content for your users. Once you’ve been blogging for a good amount of time and you tend to see your audience interact more with a certain type of blog, you can focus on putting more effort into that theme or style of blog.

With social outlets favoring images and video content over text, the way people absorb content is changing. This opens up options for different pieces to post on your blog, such as a visually appealing infographic that illustrates interesting data or a specific service to your audience.

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