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The Official Blog for Intrado’s TeleVox Solutions

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Posted on November 28, 2017 by West Corporation 


How Texting Improves Patient Experience

A popular and convenient method of communication, texting is quickly becoming an essential tool for increasing provider-patient engagement. Innovative healthcare organizations are leveraging SMS as a communications channel to make the patient experience easier and more convenient. Text messaging also plays a pivotal role in motivating and engaging patients about their well-being and preventive care. So how do you use texting to improve patient experience? Check out this infographic below.

Text messaging is a preferred form of communication among patients. According to a survey from Flowroute, more than half ¹ of consumer respondents prefer receiving notifications such as appointment reminders via text messages. The study also found 82 percent of text messages are read within five minutes, increasing the likelihood of interaction.

Some common applications for text communications include:
•Appointment Confirmations
•Delays in Service or Office Closures
•Preventive Care Reminders
•Portal Enrollment and Chart Updates
•Disease Management Information
•Remote Monitoring

For more information about why texting your patients makes sense, read our white paper here.


¹ Flowroute – Communication Preferences in the Digital Age, 2016

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