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Posted on October 9, 2014 by West Corporation 


How Promoting October Health Observances Can Boost Your Online Presence

In addition to the fun-filled Halloween season, October is also Orthodontic Health Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States. Promoting these two causes is a great way to spread awareness, show support and increase the visibility of your practice. There are a variety of effective ways to promote each of these important causes that also boost your online presence, including the following:

national orthodontic health month online presence

Social Media Posts and Contests

Facebook and other social media platforms offer a great way to spread awareness and show support for campaigns and causes of all types. If your practice is active on Facebook, dedicate a few of your posts this month to Orthodontic Health and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A good way to engage those who follow you is to run a themed contest which highlights the campaign you support.

New Call-to-action

Since Orthodontic Health Month is when orthodontists across the country emphasize the importance of good orthodontic health, you could sponsor an essay contest where participants create an essay on the top 5 reasons to see an orthodontist. Then you can post the winner(s) on your website, blog and Facebook page. Award the winner with a prize such as a pair of movie tickets or a gift certificate to a local store or shopping center.

Another idea is to ask your patients to create their own braces-friendly recipes. Then award a prize for the best recipe and send it along to the local newspaper for publication and post it on your website and Facebook page.

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you could run a contest where you ask people to submit photos of themselves and their friends wearing the color pink. Encourage them to “go all out” as the winning photo will be the one featuring the most pink. Another idea is to have your patients guess the number of pink jelly beans in a jar. One more idea is to offer pink colored sports mouth guards for a nominal fee wherein your practice promises to donate $1 to a local charity.

breast cancer awareness online presence

Volunteer For or Sponsor a 5K Charity Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness

Volunteering for or sponsoring a 5K charity walk for Breast Cancer Awareness is a great way to show that your practice cares about finding a cure for a disease that affects 1 in 3 women. You can find a local team to sponsor or volunteer for at the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer website. You’ll be helping to raise money for a very good cause while at the same time gaining some exposure for your practice. If you ever sponsor a local event or charity, always ask for a link back to your website. More likely than not, they would be happy to provide it for your assistance.

You also should consider creating a branded blog post about each of these campaigns as doing so is good for creating a “buzz” and for driving traffic to your main website. Including photos in these posts is a great way to add personality to the practice.

These are terrific ways to promote and show your support for both Orthodontic Health Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They’re also ideal for driving visibility and credibility while providing you with some good link building opportunities. Don’t forget to ask to have your link included on local community sites and newspapers.

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