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Posted on April 10, 2013 by West Corporation 


How Important Is Keyword Rich Content For SEO?

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post published by permission of its author.

The SEO world has changed considerably over the last few years. The search engines have evolved to become much more refined and intelligent which is great for searchers, bloggers, readers and marketers. Today, good quality keyword-rich content is what really counts when it comes to optimizing your SEO efforts.

The focus these days is on creating useful content about your given topic and providing your readers with valuable information. If you get that right, the search engines are going to consider your website or blog a credible, reliable and expert source on your topic. But in order for the search engines to find your content so it can consider it, you need make sure that it’s keyword rich and relevant. In other words, you must choose your keywords with care and scatter them throughout your content, making sure that your content is on-topic and made up of what you are trying to relay.

What to Do With Your Keywords
When your copy is keyword rich, it indicates to the search engines what your site or blog is all about and what keyword phrases you want to be ranked for. Making your content keyword rich doesn’t mean you should cram your content with an abundance of keywords. Instead, it involves using a few keywords throughout the content that help with your SEO efforts. There is a difference between clever integration of keyword phrases and outright keyword stuffing. If the search engines suspect your site of using keywords poorly, they’re going to punish you for it. As an example, it’s fine to use something like “If you are looking for comprehensive orthodontic care in Denver, visit us today” but not OK to use “Comprehensive orthodontic care in Denver for all your Denver orthodontic needs”. A good approach to crafting your content is to write it first and then go back over it to naturally bring in some of your keywords.

Regularly Refresh Your Content While Including Your Target Keywords
There’s no doubt that the inclusion of your targeted keywords in the content of your website can help increase your rankings. But you also have to refresh your content regularly to provide the search engines with ongoing proof that your site is relevant and important. If you can, find a way to regularly update your site, whether it’s through a blog or a news section, as doing so will help you greatly in the eyes of the search engines. A good tactic to undertake is to rewrite a page of your website monthly with keyword rich content along with new title tags and meta descriptions.

Focus on targeting one keyword phrase or group of phrases per page. Use the phrase or phrases several times in the body content. Make sure to include the keyword phrase in your title and headings as well. The search engines give more weight to words and phrases which appear in the first few paragraphs of a web page, so don’t neglect to use your keywords in the beginning of your body’s content. Keep in mind that the search engines determine the subject of your page from the words you use. If you fail to use your keywords often enough, your page simply won’t rank well for that keyword.

As an Account Executive at Wpromote, Megan is responsible for assisting clients with their search engine marketing needs. While helping clients become recognized in search engines is an integral part of her job, she is also a regular contributor to the blog. In her spare time, Megan enjoys Dodger games and trying out new recipes like chocolate chip cookie dough truffles! Learn more about Wpromote at

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