Hospitals & Health Systems

Hospitals & Health Systems

Until recent years, it seemed like an impossible task – finding an effective way to engage patients throughout the continuum of care without creating an unmanageable workload for clinical and scheduling staff. Patients say they want more between-visit communication, but how would healthcare organizations make it a reality?

The answer is in technology-enabled communication. It drives patient response. It’s easily integrated with EMR systems. And it securely manages patient touch points throughout the care continuum, reminding them of appointments, providing convenient ways to resolve outstanding balances, gathering survey feedback around their experiences and more.

The Growing List of Communication Challenges

Hospitals and health systems have partnered with Intrado to solve communication challenges throughout the care continuum, including:

  • Driving Appointment Volume and Revenue – For appointments already scheduled, automated text messages, phone calls and emails prevent patient no-shows. For preventive screenings and additional routine care opportunities, Intrado offers convenient communication to encourage patients to schedule their visit.
  • Closing Gaps in Care – Are patients on track with treatment plans? If not, why? Assess and address gaps in care through technology-enabled communication.
  • Improving Patient Experience – Patients say that between-visit communication makes them feel valued and increases feelings of trust in providers. Intrado helps you create those connections and uncover opportunities to improve the patient experience.
  • Streamlining Collections and A/R Processes – Many patients just need a reminder to make their payments. Let Intrado handle the high-volume outbound communication of early-stage A/R while your staff focuses their expertise on accounts that truly need their consultation.



Reminder Communications

Automated text messages, phone calls and emails that compel patients to take action. Use Intrado’s TeleVox Reminder Communications for appointment reminders, A/R outreach, preventive care and more.


Patient Surveys

Improve patient experience and maintain continuity of care with Intrado’s TeleVox Patient Surveys – an effective tool to collect patient feedback with the data you need to take action.

Engagement Center

Combine technology-enabled communication with clinical resources to cut healthcare costs, reduce errors, improve outcomes and increase efficiency.

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