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The Official Blog for Intrado’s TeleVox Solutions

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Posted on August 29, 2018 by West Corporation 


Helping Patients Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Effective patient communication is essential for delivering quality care and increasing patient engagement. Fifty-one percent of patients say they want more communication from their healthcare provider between visits. One way to do that is through preventive health education. While it’s important to encourage patients to schedule preventive screenings and checkups, it’s also crucial to educate patients on how they can improve their overall health and wellness between visits.

Infographics like the one below are an excellent way to teach patients ways they can live a healthier lifestyle. Practices can utilize different channels to communicate with patients, including:

  • Wellness Reminders – Sending personalized wellness reminders can encourage patients to be active participants in their health. This is also a great way to educate them about actions they can take to make positive changes to their daily routines and lead healthier lives.
  • On-Demand Messaging – Many practices use on-demand messaging for things like inclement weather, schedule changes or office closures. Take advantage of this flexible communication tool to send notices to your patients to keep preventive healthcare top of mind.
  • Website & Social Media Marketing – Patients get the majority of their information online these days, so take advantage of this opportunity. Freshen up the content on your website, which will improve SEO, by regularly adding information on things patients can do to improve their health. You can also promote healthy lifestyle tips through your social media accounts.
  • On-Hold Messaging – In a recent study, 52% of participants placed on hold without messages or music terminated the call. Keep patients entertained while they are waiting by utilizing on-hold messaging to offer healthy lifestyle tips they can use for themselves and their family.

Healthy Infographic


Want to gain a better understanding of why patients miss opportunities for preventive health checkups? Check out the 5 Reasons Patients Skip Preventive Care in this FREE infographic from West.

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