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Posted on May 14, 2019 by West Corporation 


Healthcare Organizations Need to Re-Think Patient Surveys

Does your organization use surveys to measure patient satisfaction? Most healthcare organizations rely on satisfaction surveys to help them understand how patients feel about their healthcare experiences. But what many healthcare teams don’t realize is that surveys can do a lot more than just measure satisfaction, they can also improve care experiences.

Surveys are useful for more than just asking patients if they are satisfied with their care. Inviting patients to participate in surveys can actually be a service in itself. For example, there are a couple of types of surveys that can be sent after a patient is discharged from the hospital:

A patient could be asked to complete a satisfaction survey consisting of questions related to the care provided to them during their stay. In addition, that same patient could be sent a post-discharge survey check-in to monitor how the patient is handling the transition out of the hospital. These two very different types of surveys provide valuable insight to healthcare organizations. 

The satisfaction survey can be used to ask the patient to rate how well their pain was managed during their time in the hospital. The post-discharge survey could ask whether or not the patient is currently experiencing pain or other symptoms. While the satisfaction survey is useful for understanding how well the patient’s needs were met in the hospital, the post-discharge survey can identify issues that could possibly lead to readmission, enabling the healthcare team to intervene and provide care that prevents readmission.

These two examples illustrate the difference between using surveys to measure patient satisfaction and using surveys to deliver better care experiences.

How to create better healthcare experiences with surveys

Patients are generally open to participating in healthcare surveys. Healthcare organizations that do not have a strategy in place for using post-discharge surveys, remote monitoring surveys, health risk assessments, gaps in care surveys and medication adherence surveys may want to re-think how they can use surveys to improve the patient experience.  

Interest in surveys is often underestimated.

To read more about the various types of healthcare surveys organizations can use to drive better patient experiences, download CXOs Are Expanding the Use of Surveys to Transform the Patient Experience.

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