Health Plans

Health Plans

Connections drive member engagement, and Intrado’s TeleVox solutions create those connections for health plans across the country through response-driven reminder communications and member surveys. When communicating with large member populations, even the smallest shift in response rates can mean millions in medical cost savings. Intrado outreach incorporates best practices in communication channels, delivery times and more to help you continually increase member engagement.

The Growing List of Communication Challenges

How are leading health plans leveraging Intrado’s technology to solve their communication challenges?

  • Improving Quality Scores – Engagement is essential to quality improvement. Make it easy for members to stay connected to care coordinators and other teams through targeted and interactive outreach.
  • Retaining Members – An increasingly competitive marketplace has made member retention more important than ever. How will you remind members about re-enrollment in a cost-friendly and effective manner?
  • Consolidating Outreach Vendors – Effective member communication takes on many forms – text messages, automated phone calls, emails and mailed outreach. Managing these efforts through a single comprehensive solution has become a must to keeping outreach efforts in sync.



Reminder Communications

From re-enrollment efforts to ER diversion, automated text messages, phone calls, emails and mailed outreach allows members to quickly and easily take action.


Patient Surveys

Gather the data you need to take action. Intrado’s TeleVox surveys evaluate gaps in care, gauge member satisfaction and more.

Engagement Center

Combine technology-enabled communication with clinical resources to cut healthcare costs, reduce errors, improve outcomes and increase efficiency.

TeleVox Solutions