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Posted on January 30, 2013 by West Corporation 


Have You Read Our Healthy World Reports?

Why don’t we always do what our doctor recommends? What’s stopping us from having greater accountability in our ongoing health? How can providers cut through the noise of today’s communication landscape to help – delivering timely communications that resonate with their patients?

Answers to these questions (and many more) will shape the future of the healthcare industry, and our series of Healthy World reports is pulling back the curtain on where we currently stand in patient engagement and where we need to be.

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A Fragile Nation in Poor Health

Why do so many Americans fail to take the necessary steps to improve their personal health? A survey of over 1,000 Americans found that 50% don’t feel their overall personal health is in good shape. Yet 83% admit they don’t follow treatment plans as prescribed. What gives?? Healthcare professionals also note this lack of attention from their patients, giving only 5% an “A” grade for following treatment plans to the letter. The study examines lack of care between doctor visits as a major factor in our collective failure to follow treatment plans.

Healthcare Change: The Time Is Now

Nearly 47 million Medicare beneficiaries are now eligible for wellness visits. Are healthcare organizations prepared for this elevated demand? Not even close, and the challenge will continue to snowball as Medicare enrollment reaches 80 million by 2030. It’s critical that the healthcare industry do a better job at keeping people healthy to keep costs down. However, 71% of healthcare practices report being unprepared to engage patients throughout the year with communications that help them adhere to their personalized prevention plans…and far away from costly ER visits and hospital stays.

Technology Beyond the Exam Room

High-tech engagement from providers is an agreed upon “must-have” for future patient wellness initiatives. But the devil is in the details. This report covers topic preferences, demographic-based communications, confidentiality concerns and more. Learn more about the “nuts and bolts” of an ongoing dialogue between patients and their providers.

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