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Posted on October 23, 2013 by West Corporation 


Have You Put On-Hold Messaging On Hold? – 5 Reasons to Take Action

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If your answer to any of these five questions is “YES”, then you’re missing out by not having a practice-specific on-hold messaging program in place TODAY.

Does your practice offer add-on services and treatments?
Your on-hold program is an effective forum to spread the word. While the providers and staff may mention these services while the patient is in the office, additional promotion of these opportunities in your on-hold program can remind the patient to schedule once a live party is back on the line. If you have products sitting on the shelves in your waiting room collecting dust or new cosmetic equipment not being used as often as it should, on-hold messaging can drive increased interest from patients.

Do you ever have patients call the practice to schedule their initial appointment?
Of course you do, and the on-hold program is your first chance at a good first impression. Is yours a practice that makes each and every patient interaction a positive one? Are you eager to share information about the practice and set the expectation that patients will receive outstanding care? Patients learn a lot during that initial 30-60 seconds that they are interacting with the practice.

Does your practice ever experience dropped calls?
When call volumes are high and you place a patient on hold, do you ever return to the line to find that they’re no longer there? Once you’ve lost the caller due to hold time frustration, you may not get a second chance to impress them. Keep them entertained during their hold time to make the delay feel shorter. A USA Business Telephone Today survey found that callers with a one-minute hold time were 26 times more likely to terminate the call when hearing silence rather than an on-hold program. Those hearing music with no information were 6 times more likely to terminate the call.

Do your competitors have an on-hold program?
This is a case where keeping up with the Joneses is a good thing. And by customizing an on-hold program to showcase your practice, you might even leave the Joneses in the dust. Implement a program that offers practice-specific information along with health tips appropriate to your specialty. It’s one of the most effective ways to make sure callers don’t have second thoughts and contact the practice across the street.

Are you seeing poor ROI from other marketing efforts?
On-hold programs are pretty much a guaranteed ROI. In most cases, scheduling one additional appointment or selling one additional product each month pays for the service. Simply having the staff ask where a patient heard about a service or product can be an effective way to attribute the patient’s interest to your on-hold program.

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