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Posted on August 27, 2015 by West Corporation 


Haha, Hehe and LOL: How We Laugh Online

Leave it to the research team at Facebook to uncover some analytics behind our amusement.

In a recent blog post, the Facebook team analyzed a week’s worth of posts and comments to find our how many people are laughing on Facebook, how frequently those laughers laugh and how they choose to do it. Here’s some of what the Facebook team learned:

Laughter is quite common but not necessarily that frequent. 15% of the people who posted and commented during the one-week period included some form of a laugh at least once. Of the laughers, nearly half (46%) posted only a single laugh during the week. 85% of laughers posted fewer than five laughs.

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facebook laugh frequency

People tend to consistently laugh the same way. Or at the very least, one of two ways. 52% of people stuck to a certain type of laugh, while 20% mixed it up with two different types. Among those who went with a single laugh, more than half opted for the old tried and true “haha”. (Note that this included all variations of “haha”, such as “haahaa”, “hahahahaha”, and so on.) Roughly one-third of laughers went with an emoji (smiley faces and the link), and surprisingly “LOL” came in as the laugh of choice for only 1 in 50 laughers.

facebook laugh types

There were some other findings in the analysis which you can review here, but the last one is particularly interesting:

Laughter really does vary by region. Not necessarily the frequency, but the types of laughs we choose. The Facebook research team developed some interesting heatmaps to show how prevalent each laugh is throughout the U.S. In their own words, here’s what you’ll see below: “For each laughter type, the map shows the fraction of laughter in each state out of the total laughter. The darker the color is, the more popular a laugh is compared to other states.”

facebook laughs by state

Image credits: Facebook, 2015

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