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Posted on June 4, 2014 by West Corporation 


Google’s Most Recent Panda Update

google panda update

The Panda update from Google is a filter first introduced in early 2011 with the purpose of stopping sites with poor quality from making their way into the search giant’s top search results. Panda is updated on a regular basis, and when an update is done, websites previously affected may escape punishment if they made the correct changes. The Panda update can also penalize sites that somehow escaped during the previous update.

The most recent Panda update called Panda 4.0 took place just over a week ago. This update puts a heavy emphasis on valuable, non-spammy content. While companies that regularly load their sites with spam are fearful of being penalized, Panda 4.0 offers the ideal opportunity for businesses that put out great content to leap ahead of the competition. It is not entirely clear what this update includes but what is known is that Panda 4.0 zeroes in on spammy content with the goal of pushing sites with little original content down in search results.

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How to Fix Your Content
Businesses that are on the wrong side of Panda 4.0 should be prepared to disappear from search results. Any business owner who thinks they are going to suffer from Panda 4.0 needs to get in gear quickly and focus on replacing poor quality, non-original content with good, original content.

This most recent Panda update should also serve as a reminder that Google is constantly changing. This means that your website needs to be regularly updated with fresh content as well. It can be challenging for a website owner to know how to improve upon their site in order to appease Google. A good way to conquer this challenge is to simply focus on why you are creating content in the first place. Think of your current and potential patients and about how they benefit from your content. Then make a plan to create fresh content that your readers will find helpful and interesting. Try updating your content, title tags, and meta descriptions at least once a month. This way when the search engine bots scan your website, they see that you are making relevant, original changes on a regular basis.

Not a Writer? Hire an SEO Company!
Sometimes it helps to have someone else create content for you if you are having a problem coming up with new ideas. Perhaps an employee with a flair for writing can take over or maybe hiring someone from outside the business is deserving of consideration. SEO companies are experts at creating unique content for their clients that the search engines love!

Regardless of who is put in charge of creating new content for your business, they should be reminded to write about the topics people want to learn about. If you are unsure what these topics are, go directly to the source and ask your patients what they want to know. You should also make a point of checking your site’s analytics so you can find out what search terms are attracting people to your website. Including these keywords in a natural, fluid manner can be difficult, but it has proven to significantly help improve your rankings in the search engines.

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