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Posted on June 3, 2015 by West Corporation 


Google Rolls Out “Nearby Business” Ad Format for PPC

In response to the growing popularity of “near me” searches, Google recently announced that it is adding a new “Nearby Business” mobile ad format for location-related searches. Now the search engine will begin displaying up to four different businesses for location-related searches, such as “nearby dentist” or “nearby dermatologist”. Each of the ad units displayed will feature convenient click-to-call and directions so users can quickly connect with the businesses they’re interested in while out and about.

New Call-to-action

Google tells us that the number of “near me” searches has skyrocketed in the past year with 80 percent of those searches coming from mobile. With the new “Nearby Business” mobile ad format, the nearby business ads are likely to show instead of traditional text ads. These ads will be driven by location extensions in Adwords. In order for a business to be eligible to show in the new nearby business mobile ad format, it must have location extensions enabled in Adwords.

Before this change was made, the old ad units were often dominated by a single business that had multiple locations. But now it will be easier for businesses with just one location to appear when a location-related search query is made.

google nearby business healthcare practice

Get Ahead of the Competition

It appears that Google is trying to make better use of limited screen space on mobile devices by allowing more businesses to appear in the same space. This change is great news for smaller businesses with just one location like many healthcare practices. Small businesses will now have a better opportunity to appear in the results when someone is searching for a nearby practice.

Reaching mobile users when they’re looking for a business nearby is a very good way for local businesses to generate more customers. For example, a healthcare practice can benefit by seeing more people drop into their offices to schedule appointments or to get answers to the questions they have.

In a recent blog post, Google stated that people today, more than ever, are searching online to find things nearby and that consumers have high expectations for immediacy and relevance. It also stated that 4 out of 5 consumers reported they want search ads to be customized to their city, zip code or immediate surroundings. The new mobile ad format conveniently organizes the information shown in the ad units so that consumers on the move can compare their options with ease and then take action by calling their business of choice or dropping by its location.

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