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Posted on January 15, 2018 by West Corporation 


Glaucoma Awareness Month – How to Educate Patients on Prevention

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month, which is a great opportunity to help your patients learn more about this serious disease that is the second leading cause of blindness in the United States. Unfortunately, half the people who have glaucoma don’t know it, which is why education and screening are so important.1

Luckily, providers can easily use their existing patient engagement solution to deliver preventive care outreach campaigns that provide useful information, including symptoms and high-risk factors, and encourage patients to get screenings and treatment. Here are three ways you can use automated patient communication technology to educate your patients about glaucoma.

  1. Identify high-risk patients

Anyone can get glaucoma, but certain groups have a higher risk than others.² Identify these patients, then use your patient engagement technology to target them for preventive care outreach.

  • African Americans age 40 and over
  • Everyone over age 60, especially Hispanics/Latinos
  • People with a family history of the disease
  • People who have diabetes
  1. Encourage early detection

Use a combination of texts, voice calls and emails to deliver personalized messages to patients so they know how to protect their vision. Communicate the importance of screenings in diagnosing glaucoma and use automated reminders to encourage patients to schedule an appointment:

  • Explain what screening tests are recommended
  • Clarify that preventive care is typically covered by insurance
  • Reiterate that a healthy lifestyle is an important part of prevention
  1. Emphasize the importance of treatment

Even though there is no cure for glaucoma, there are many treatment options. Send educational messages and reminders to:

  • Make patients aware of treatment options
  • Remind patients of the importance of taking prescribed medications
  • Encourage follow-up care

Want more information on how to create successful preventive care outreach campaigns? Read our white paper to learn the outreach must-haves that drive patients to act.

Help your patients get a healthy start this year by using your patient engagement technology to share information about glaucoma and the steps they can take to reduce their risk of vision loss. Find information to educate your patients on the National Eye Institute’s website, including outreach tools and tips, education toolkits in English and Spanish, videos and other resources.


¹National Eye Institute, “Learn About Glaucoma.”

²Centers for Disease Control, “Don’t Let Glaucoma Steal Your Sight!”

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