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Posted on November 15, 2017 by West Corporation 


Five Ways Patients Say Providers Can Help Them Improve Their Health

Most Americans Believe Their Health Has Not Improved

A new West study, “Examining Care Quality: How Patient Engagement Improves Health” found that most Americans believe their health has not improved during the past year. Despite the fact that 60 percent felt their health stayed the same and 19 percent believed it had declined, they are not making lifestyle changes that could improve their health.

Patients Expect Providers to Spearhead Wellness

Patients see lifestyle improvements and preventive care as pathways to better health, but they expect providers to take the lead when it comes to prevention and wellness. Although patients are aware that their personal health is their responsibility, they feel that if their providers educated, encouraged, reminded and pushed them to make healthier choices, they would be more likely to maintain their own health.

How Providers Can Encourage Patients to Work on Their Health

Although patients are often reactive when it comes to their health, they want their healthcare team to be proactive. Patients say regular communications from their providers would drastically increase the rate at which they utilize preventive services. Below are five ways patients say providers can help them:

  1. Educate patients about the availability of preventive care and wellness services.
  2. Deliver personalized messages about the services patients need.
  3. Proactively schedule appointments when patients are due for preventive care.
  4. Remind patients about appointments and the importance of preventive screenings.
  5. Help patients manage chronic conditions at home and intervene when patients are at risk.

Providers can use appointment reminder technology to engage patients between appointments during their daily lives. These messages can be sent automatically and include a call-to-action that encourages patients to do thing like make an appointment or answer a short survey about their health.

Read the full report: Examining Care Quality: How Patient Engagement Improves Health


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