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Posted on December 11, 2013 by West Corporation 


Engaging Through the Ears – 4 Podcasts for Your Patients

Are you bored with your current workout playlists? It happens to all of us.  Need a break from workout playlist monotony?  Try listening to podcasts.  That’s right, podcasts! 

Here are some great health-related podcasts your patients might enjoy while running a few miles, heading home from work or just sitting around the house.

Mayo Clinic
Built for the on-the-go patient who doesn’t have time for a long production, The Mayo Clinic Health Minutes cover a wide range of topics, going from newborn heart surgery to nicotine replacement therapies just within the last month. Load up a bunch of the Health Minutes into a playlist, and it kinda plays like a news broadcast covering lots of valuable topics in a short period of time. Perfect for a short outdoor run or quick drive into the office. These brief takes on popular health topics are also great for sharing through your social media channels.

Men’s Health
Men’s Health bi-monthly podcasts are a great mix of entertaining conversations with celebrity guests about health, fitness, their careers and more. Some episodes hit on hot-button issues around health and nutrition, while others are just plain fun. And that’s totally OK. Guests over the last few months have included NFL running back Adrian Peterson, “Weird Al” Yankovic and Henry Winkler (sometimes better known as “The Fonz”).

NPR Health
This entry is somewhat misleading, because while NPR does have its own health podcast, the real value here is how many other you’ll find in the podcast directory under the “Health” heading. The Kentucky-based Health Matters podcast is a good one. Southern Remedy is a Mississippi-based podcast that “answers questions from listeners with a decidedly Southern dialect”. As a native Alabamian, that doesn’t bother me one bit. I kinda like it. Another gem here is Zorba Paster on Your Health. Pretty funny stuff while being very informative at the same time.

The FitCast
FitCast podcasts focus heavily on active fitness with content on nutrition, workout routines and more. has produced nearly 300 episodes to date, and while that might seem overwhelming, the team has tagged each episode with the topics covered. So for instance, if you listen to an episode about vegan diets and want to hear the other podcasts on that topic, you can click the word “Vegan” in the “Tagged With” section of that episode’s description on the website to find all episodes on that topic. It’s a good way to get to the content that most interests you.

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