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Posted on March 14, 2014 by West Corporation 


Email Subject Lines: How Long Should They Be?

Are you emailing appointment notifications, newsletters or other important messages from your practice to patients? If so, did you know that the length of email subject lines has an effect on how often those emails get opened?

A recent study by Retention Science analyzed a sample size of 260 million delivered emails and 540 campaigns and found the “sweet spot” for email subject lines to be between 6 and 10 words. Emails with subject lines in that range got the most opens from recipients – a 21% open rate. From there, shorter subject lines seem to work best, with 0-5 words being opened more frequently than 11-15 words.

The study also found that the highest open rates aren’t reflected in how marketers most commonly construct their subject lines today. Even though the 11-15 range ranks third in terms of open rate, this subject line length was present in more than half of the 260 million emails examined (52%).

What does this mean for you when using email to communicate with patients? Keep your subject lines fairly short. When you look at some of the emails you regularly send to patients today, are there opportunities to cut a word or two from the subject line? It could mean the difference between a message that engages your patients and one that’s instantly deleted.

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