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Posted on November 30, 2015 by West Corporation 


Clearing Confusion About Healthcare Bills

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In an April 2015 CNBC article “Healthcare Crunch: Patient Costs Rise, Ability to Pay Drops”, author Dan Mangan points to consumer confusion as one of the key factors in lingering or unpaid accounts.

According to the article, “a TransUnion survey of insured consumers in 2014 found that 54 percent of them were either sometimes or always confused by the healthcare bills they received. Another 62 percent said they were either sometimes or always confused by the out-of-pocket costs they were required to pay.”

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This confusion is one of the many reasons healthcare organizations are adopting automated phone notifications to connect with patients earlier in the A/R cycle, often times just after sending an initial mailed statement. In the script of that call, they can confirm with the patient that insurance has been processed and that the balance on the statement is in fact what they owe.

In addition to its role as an informative notification, the call can also include response options that allow the patient to settle the balance right then and there. They can also transfer to live staff for further explanation on any aspects of the outstanding balance that are still unclear.

The article also mentions that 25 percent of consumers reported receiving pretreatment cost and insurance coverage estimates that they considered helpful in managing medical expense. That leaves 75 percent who didn’t receive this information. Automated phone notifications can prove helpful in proactively overcoming this challenge as well, helping patients better manage their medical expenses.

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