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Posted on February 1, 2013 by West Corporation 


Cheeseburgers and What They Mean to Your Marketing Efforts

At the time of this blog post, we’re getting close to the lunch hour. And today instead of a salad, a sandwich or some good ol’ leftovers, some co-workers and I are going out for cheeseburgers. Not hamburgers. Not veggie burgers. Cheeseburgers. There’s a difference, and it’s very important.

Allison Hart (I like to go third-person when discussing cheeseburgers) is very particular about her ingredients, and whether it’s a valid analogy or just the pre-lunch hunger talking here, I think there are many similarities between what I need in my cheeseburger and what you need in practice marketing efforts to attract new patients and retain your current ones. You can be the judge of that.

The Patty

It’s the heart and soul of the cheeseburger. For many practices these days, the practice website has become the meat of their marketing efforts. SEO and other search-driven tactics are like the aroma, drawing patients in to visit the practice. Once they’re on your site, that’s the real showcase for the practice, offering treatment information, insight into the providers’ expertise and more. Make sure there’s plenty of substance to satisfy the searching patient’s appetite.

The Bun

Let’s also talk about the bun. It serves as the first impression of every bite. Thinking about your practice, what are patients experiencing right up front when they call the office? If you’re placing them on hold, are they sitting there in silence or have you spiced it up with some entertaining information about the office? Are you sharing new promotional offers, info about your providers, etc.? Are you serving your marketing cheeseburger on a bland bun, or giving it some flavor with some sesame seeds or maybe a little mayo?

The Extras

Speaking of bland, I’m going to want some ketchup and mustard on my cheeseburger to give it some extra kick. I’ll want lettuce, tomato and onions to add my own touch. Think of these condiments and dressings as your own unique elements – patient appreciation events you host, Halloween candy buy-back programs, quick Happy Birthday calls to your patients. Many times these can seem like one-offs in your practice marketing strategy, but believe me, they add up. Everyone likes something different on their marketing cheeseburger – get yours just the way you want it.

The Cheese

Last, but not least – the cheese. I think of it as the “social media strategy” of my burger. It’s perfectly melted into the rest of my ingredients. As a successful practice marketer, it should be on your website, in your on-hold program, on printed materials you hand to patients, etc. Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter or any others, social media info should be present on every patient touchpoint.

Alright, I’m off to lunch. I like what I typically have, but maybe today I’ll try a new twist on the usual Allison Classic. I might find something I like. Don’t be scared to try something new for your own “cheeseburger”.

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by stu_spivack

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