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The Official Blog for TeleVox Solutions

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Posted on May 20, 2013 by West Corporation 


Check Out the QuickTakes Library

Several months back, we introduced you to a new resource on the TeleVox website – our video QuickTakes! Since our launch of the QuickTakes library back in 2012, the helpful topics and tips have had over 4,000 views, serving practices of all sizes and specialties. Have you checked out the QuickTakes library lately?

We’re up to 32 videos, and they can be sorted by both Industry (Dental, Medical, etc.) and Application (Appointment Reminders, Website Design and more). Each of our QuickTakes clips lasts around 1-2 minutes, meaning you can quickly get the ideas you’re looking for and move on to the next thing. By spending just a few minutes in the library, you can get ideas for increasing recall appointments, reducing outstanding patient balances and much, much more.

Click HERE to head over to the QuickTakes library and take advantage of free patient communication insight!

If you have ideas for future QuickTakes topics, we’d love to hear them! Email to share your ideas!

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