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Posted on December 2, 2013 by West Corporation 


Billboard Advertising in 2014? – 4 Things to Consider

Any idea how many billboards you pass in your daily commute? For many, it’s probably close to 100 or more.

Does your billboard stand out among the mix? Is your practice name printed in big bold letters along a busy street in town? Is it something you’ve considered adding into your marketing strategy for the first time in 2014?

Here are four things to consider when determining the role of billboard advertising in your practice’s marketing strategy.

It’s interruption marketing. Rather than waiting for a potential patient with a specific need to seek out a provider, a billboard message is intended to break their normal thoughts and activities to call attention to your business. Because of that, billboards are great for creating awareness about your business but don’t perform so well when it comes to converting “information seekers” into appointment volume for the practice.

It’s an unfocused marketing channel. While a billboard allows you to cover a large number of potential patients with a single message, you’ll also be covering many more people who aren’t an immediate or long-term match for your business. The problem with that? You’ll be paying for exposure to those folks too.

“Mini messages” often lack differentiators. Are you able to tell patients why they should choose your practice in 8 words or less? It’s not an easy thing to do. But that’s the recommended maximum length of a billboard message. The average person will see that message for 2-3 seconds. If you can’t communicate why a patient should choose your practice over a competitor in that short amount of time, billboards may not be the best fit for your marketing campaign.

It’s hard to stand out. Any billboard that will truly catch a patients attention has to be very creatively designed or isolated from all the other messages competing for their eyesight. Those designs and exclusive locations come at a higher price, and you should consider other alternatives before investing even more into a billboard campaign.

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