Keep a Full Schedule with
Appointment Reminders

Keep a Full Schedule with
Appointment Reminders

Automated Patient Appointment Reminders – A Healthcare Must-Have

There’s simply too much revenue being lost to patient no-shows in the typical healthcare practice today. Intrado gives you the tools you need to efficiently deliver high volumes of patient phone, text and email appointment reminders without overburdening your staff or breaking your budget.

Intrado’s TeleVox Appointment Reminders reduce no-shows by an average of 25-30%. You’ll keep patients on track with their care and retain appointment revenue. Follow the link below to test our patient appointment reminder solutions for yourself!

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Appointment Reminders Designed For Patient Response

Our Appointment Reminders keep the schedules of thousands of dentists, orthodontists and physicians full. Why? Because they are designed to generate a response. Patients can quickly reply to phone, text or email reminders to confirm their appointment or let you know they need to cancel. Reports show you who confirmed, who cancelled, who needs updated contact information and more. With advance notice of cancellations, you can give that appointment time to high priority or waitlisted patients.

Automated Appointment Reminders Designed to Save Staff Time

Have you tasked internal teams with calling patients to confirm appointments? Why not focus those team members on in-office patient care? Intrado can handle a day’s worth of patient appointment reminders in minutes, freeing up staff to work with patients or focus on other vital tasks.

More Cost Effective than Mailed Reminders

Old habits can be hard to break. But organizations that commit to tossing appointment reminder postcards in the trash have saved thousands annually on appointment reminders. Why continue to pay for rising postage rates when our automated patient engagement technology can deliver personalized patient appointment reminders via phone calls, text messages and emails for a fraction of that cost?

How Intrado’s TeleVox Appointment Reminders Work

Intrado’s TeleVox Appointment Reminders seamlessly and securely integrate with your EHR system or PMS to create and automatically deliver patient appointment reminders and more.

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