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Posted on January 6, 2014 by West Corporation 


Aging Advice from a Nonagenarian

aging advice

In the recent TeleVox Healthy World report A Fragile Nation in Poor Health, 56% of survey respondents who fall in the baby boomer age group do not feel their overall personal health is in good shape. With the number of Americans over the age of 65 expected to double by the year 2030, more and more individuals will be searching for answers to keep them healthy throughout their later years.

Where will they find those answers? Maybe from a generation ahead.

The December 29 edition of Parade featured the article “6 Lessons on Living Longer and Staying Sharp From a Nonagenarian Track Star”. That’s right – “nonagenarian”. A fancy way of saying “someone over the age of 90”.

It’s an inspiring story of 94-year-old Olga Kotelko, who is racking up masters-level track and field records left and right. And her secrets are surprisingly simple. we won’t spoil the article by listing them right here, but after reading you’ll likely agree that her success seems to come from not overcomplicating things.

An interesting quote in the article comes from Angela Brooks-Wilson, Ph.D., a geneticist in the Genome Sciences Centre at the B.C. Cancer Agency in Vancouver. She says that “we think longevity is probably about 70-75 percent lifestyle.” So that means that three quarters of our health as we age will be determined by the habits we establish to take care of ourselves.

How many of us will be setting our sights on Olga’s records years down the road?


Photo Credit: Grant Harder for Parade

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