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Posted on November 30, 2012 by West Corporation 


A Few Beyond the Site Favorites

Editor’s note: The following is a guest post from Rachel Ankersen, our in-house SEO Analyst and author on

Howdy Blog readers! In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been all over this blog and I’m loving it. Why? Because chances are that if you happen to work in a dental or medical practice…you probably have a website. And if you have a website that means you probably could use a little bit of direction when it comes to knowing what to do with the thing. And nothing makes me happier than helping folks out, especially people who have dedicated their entire careers to helping others.

So I thought I would share a few articles that I’ve written over the last couple months that I think will interest you guys.

Google Webmaster Guidelines Explained for Dental and Medical Websites

Anytime I’m consulting someone about their website, I always reference Google’s Webmaster Guidelines – particularly the quality guidelines section. I know SEOs like me often get made fun of by others because a lot of us live and breathe by these guidelines as if angels wrote them and dropped them from Heaven. It’s just like anything else; you’ll have the best results if you stick to the rules.

Read: Google Webmaster Guidelines Explained for Dental and Medical Websites

A Heartfelt Letter from “Website”

This blog article is probably one of my craziest. Who doesn’t love an existential website with melancholia?

Read: A Heartfelt Letter from “Website”

How You Can Get Links to Your Practice’s Website

If search engine optimization was like trying to lose weight, link building would be the equivalent of going to the gym. Inbound links, people linking to pages on your website from their website, will make your website rank higher if you do it right…or hire the right people to do it right.

Read: How You Can Get Links to Your Practice’s Website

5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Look Great

What makes a blog post look great? Dwight Schrute. No just kidding…though if you can work him in, I’m sure people would love it.

Blogs for dental and medical practices are becoming more common these days. And I think that is absolutely AWESOME. The Internet needs more voices from providers as opposed to patients on health forums. But making a blog something that people will love reading is so incredibly difficult sometimes…so I thought I would share some tips.

Read: 5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Look Great

And there you have it. I hope you all enjoy these articles. If you have any questions or comments after reading them, feel free to leave a message for me in the comments area under the posts. I always respond (usually within an hour). Also, if you really like the stuff we have on Beyond the Site, there are several ways to stay up-to-date on our articles:

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