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Posted on August 2, 2018 by West Corporation 


5 Reasons Patients Need to Make Their Vision a Priority – National Eye Exam Month

Physicians know that healthy vision starts with regular eye exams. That’s why National Eye Exam Month is a great opportunity to promote preventive healthcare. Help patients see the world more clearly by teaching them how vision correction and healthy eyes lead to better learning, more productivity and healthier lifestyles. Here’s how.

  1. When is the Last Time They Had An Eye Exam? Patients don’t always realize that the health issues they are having may be a result of an outdated prescription. Patients often suffer eye strain or headaches without even considering that it may be their eyesight. Automated wellness reminders promote the benefits of yearly eye exams and encourage patients to ensure their prescription is up to date.
  2. Are Patients Aware That an Eye Exam Can Uncover Other Health Issues? This is a great opportunity to inform patients on how eye exams play an important role in an overall It's all in the eyeshealth plan. Check out this infographic you can share with patients through your social media channels about 10 health problems that the eyes can detect. Infographics offer easily digestible information and can help boost your website’s SEO.
  3. Do They Have a Family History of Vision Problems? Many patients don’t realize that serious eye issues often have no symptoms. Teach patients about the importance of knowing their family eye health history. Text or email patients a health risk assessment survey to uncover their genetic susceptibility to certain diseases.
  4. Have the Kids’ Eyes Been Checked Before School Starts? As parents plan for kids to return back to school, now is a good time to make sure that they schedule eye exams. Undetected vision problems can cause children to fall behind in school. Take advantage of your social media channels as well as your on-hold messaging to inform parents how critical vision is to learning.
  5. Are They Using Proper Eye Protection? Warm weather means more time outdoors. Just like your skin, eyes need protection too. Encourage patients to wear sunglasses with UV protection. Use your website to provide information about eye care tips, vision health statistics and more.

Find out how to create better patient experiences with preventive care. Download our free white paper: The Power of Routine – How Routine Care Outreach Improves Outcomes and Grows Revenue.




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